Played a gig yesterday, it went alright…and we got paid double becuase we did a double length set. That night at the guitarists house was mad and quite frankly hilarious…but i wont go into every reason why, or it would be an essay.


 The new bass sounded fucking awesome, i realised that the amp i use at home isnt really unlocking its full potential…but the amps at the gig and the studio really let it go all out, and it sounded amazing. So yeah, im really happy with that buy.



 i cant remember what else i wanted to write here…but im hungry





Things that shouldn’t need explaining

If I became deaf…I would learn to see and feel the music

If I became blind…I would learn to write in Braille.

If I lost my hands…I would learn play music with my feet and tell stories with my voice

If I died…I would find immortality in my legacy

It doesnt take a genius to figure out that nothing is impossible.


Mr Alex tagged me, ill copy his format

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Random Facts about M.Sherlock

1: I hate the “Scene” fashion with a quite  a furiously burning hatred

2: I started learning drums in school, but becuase i couldnt fit a drum kit at home, learned to play bass instead.

3:I am quite possibly the most useless person at DIY ever, i took a Design Technology class (wood and metal working) and scored below bottom grade, they put me down as “unclassified” i also cant build flat packed furniture.

4: Despite constant bodybuilding…i hate sports and have never been good at it.

5: I can pick locks!

6: I stole a pair of Kevin Shamel’s frilly pants


Every blogger i know has already done this…i will tag people once i find someone


I made my EDF debut today…finally!


 So far mixed reactions…but not too bad.


here it is!


I’ve been busy lately with this four stringed little menace i like to call a bass guitar.

Here is a low quality crappy bass improvisation by me

here is a song being reherased by my band “Storm the gates”


Manifest me a sandwhich, woman!

Spirtual sexism aside (Taoism is rife with it didnt ya know?)

This cool chick, Terri, (Kevin Shamels wife…you know him…dont pretend you dont) Has this blog about manifesting. basically she does some crazy shit that improves her life or some other desired effect. Its freaking awesome, i use a similar method of using mantras, and trust me…this stuff works.

so yeah…i have a link over to my right there -> thats her blog over there

This woman needs more blog views, its a good blog.

the link is here for those too tarded to pan their eyes to the right

The Demon King

The final installment of “Tales of the Mountain Child” is out…finally closing the series for those that read it. I had intentionally left a larger time between the final two stories.

check it out.