I made my EDF debut today…finally!


 So far mixed reactions…but not too bad.


here it is!




5 Responses

  1. I love it. You are published and you’ve got some great stuff in there Michael. You’re doing it and you’re starting off very very fast. After having one story sort-of published (Atlantic Monthly High School Writing contest, 2nd place) at 18, it’s taken me another 38 years to get published again!!!

    BRAVO, Mr. Sherman, you’re the heavy metal in my life.

  2. I liked Crossing the Bridge; some great turns of phrase. Super EDF debut. Congratulations!

  3. Dude, not bad reactions at all. Your rating is higher 3’s right now. Remember, there’s been a couple just barely make it to 3, and some just under it the past month or so. Yours is strong.

    And of course, you know I like your story.

  4. Thanks guys…

    And we have a place in the back of the van for…certain fans

  5. Indeed, it’s quite good!

    Sadly, I have tagged you for Kevin’s damnable meme. 🙂 Check my blog!

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