was an awesome night! the gig went great…we drew the biggest audience and they bloody loved it. We decided to book a gig there again for december the 14th.

For those who couldnt be there…here is the gig in video! The sound quality is a bit crap but thats becuase its a home camera….my bass basically ends up translating into a kinda buzz. However in real life i assure you, teh atomosphere was electric and the sound was brilliant

Blogging for stuffs!

i’m back…im blogging again…and for the cuase of my beloved EDF! They recently put up a wikipedia page it it got deleted! which sucks.



 but totally check out for awesome fiction…freaking daily!



 also my news is that im just doing lots of crazy band gigging and shit, nothing interesting

Busy as hell, also tagged

Righty Righty. First off, the EP is alomost done…though the release date has been put back to correct and do some more post production, so theres a couple of weeks added there. At least my bass parts are done so i dont have to keep travelling to Croydon. Its sounding awesome so far, i can tell you that.


Right…ive been tagged! by kevman

apparently thats my award. I gotta like add blogs…but i only read a few blogs and the yhave all already been tagged so whatever.

also im gonna answer some questions in one word it seems.

You can only answer in one word:
1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket
2. Where is your significant other? nonexistant
3. Your hair color? dark
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father?kitchen
6. Your favorite thing? bass
7. Your dream last night?nonexistant
8. Your dream/goal? success
9. The room you’re in? living
10. Your hobby? writing
11. Your fear? none
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Astoria
13. Where were you last night? Studio
14. What you’re not? goat
15. One of your wish-list items? Rickenbacker
16. Where you grew up? Dagenham
17. The last thing you did? rub
18. What are you wearing? Headphones
19. Your TV? Big
20. Your pet? cats
21. Your computer? Advent
22. Your mood? calm
23. Missing someone? Kinda
24. Your car? Pretend
25. Something you’re not wearing? Much
26. Favorite store? Londis
27. Your summer? Cold
28. Love someone? nope
29. Your favorite color?
30. When is the last time you laughed? recently
31. Last time you cried? Years

Wheee i can finally use more than one word again.

i have nothing to say

p.s…the image didnt work….got a problem with it…eh?…eh?….that’s what i thought

If you plan to shoplift, let us know

Yep…thats the title of the Storm The gates EP due out in a couple of weeks. Most of the intrumental recording is done tomorrow…so ill be down croydon all day recording the 4 tracks. You can check out some shitty guitar and drum demos of the songs here at


  Anyhow, been a while since ive posted here hasnt it, blimey. Been all busy and stuffs i have. Well right now i got fuck all to talk about except the EP….so uh.


buy it! It will be about two quid, on iTunes too…whoohoo.

EDF October

Another month of awesome as usual. Nothing from me this month..i dont think i even subbed anything for october. No Gay Degani…thats a darn shame, i enjoy her stories most in the month, as well as Kevin Shamel…who appears to have anotehr cool story for us on the eight

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 Kevin Jewell Enter Not
Oct 2 Barry Davis Devil Do
Oct 3 Rumjhum Biswas My Daughter
Oct 4 Dave MacPherson Gallery Four
Oct 5 Jason Stout The Unstoppable Evelyn McHale, May 1, 1947
Oct 6 Oonah V Joslin You Must Remember This
Oct 7 Richard Lamb The Watch
Oct 8 Kevin Shamel Outlast the Stars
Oct 9 Amy Corbin The Adoption
Oct 10 Brian Dolton Weaving Fancies For The Children
Oct 11 Acquanetta M. Sproule Dern Spot
Oct 12 Sarah Black Pies of God
Oct 13 Milan Smith Sasha’s Knee
Oct 14 Douglas Campbell Forlorn Hope Fancy
Oct 15 Jonathan Pinnock Visiting Time
Oct 16 K.C. Ball In His Prime
Oct 17 Celeste Goschen Life Without Jerry
Oct 18 Stephanie Siebert Greedy
Oct 19 Robin Vandenberg Hernfield Sea Shell
Oct 20 Alexander Burns Apotheosis Cake
Oct 21 Joshua Reynolds Rush Hour
Oct 22 Nuala Ní Chonchúir Roy Lichtenstein’s Nudes In A Mirror: We Are Not Fake!
Oct 23 Sarah Hilary Revenge of the River Gods
Oct 24 Ann M. Pino End Times
Oct 25 Erin M. Kinch A Million Faces
Oct 26 Iggy Smythe Any Rapport In A Storm
Oct 27 Jim Harrington The Kiss
Oct 28 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Darren Is Updating His Facebook Status
Oct 29 Tels Merrick All of My Heart
Oct 30 niddy Monster in the Attic
Oct 31 Kyle White Sweet Bite


  Played a gig yesterday, it went alright…and we got paid double becuase we did a double length set. That night at the guitarists house was mad and quite frankly hilarious…but i wont go into every reason why, or it would be an essay.


 The new bass sounded fucking awesome, i realised that the amp i use at home isnt really unlocking its full potential…but the amps at the gig and the studio really let it go all out, and it sounded amazing. So yeah, im really happy with that buy.



 i cant remember what else i wanted to write here…but im hungry




Things that shouldn’t need explaining

If I became deaf…I would learn to see and feel the music

If I became blind…I would learn to write in Braille.

If I lost my hands…I would learn play music with my feet and tell stories with my voice

If I died…I would find immortality in my legacy

It doesnt take a genius to figure out that nothing is impossible.