Played a gig yesterday, it went alright…and we got paid double becuase we did a double length set. That night at the guitarists house was mad and quite frankly hilarious…but i wont go into every reason why, or it would be an essay.


 The new bass sounded fucking awesome, i realised that the amp i use at home isnt really unlocking its full potential…but the amps at the gig and the studio really let it go all out, and it sounded amazing. So yeah, im really happy with that buy.



 i cant remember what else i wanted to write here…but im hungry





3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the gig!!! And the baddest bass, but what the hell does this mean “guitarists house was mad ?”

    I haven’t looked up “scene” but I will. gay

  2. Well we slept at the guitarists house that night…and when a band spends a night together, madness ensues

  3. Right on, M. Double pay and madness afterward. That sounds like the rock and roll life.

    And yeah, congrats on your new bass and on making it sing.

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