Tales of…you guessed it!

  It’s saturday and as such the next eipsode of “Tales of the Mountain Child” has been posted.

  Tomorrow i also head off to central London to rehearse with the band for the first time. I’m excited but cautiously optimistic.


Some things.

 I wrote a little skit called “Just wood” today…just a bit of fun.

Find it here https://msherlock.wordpress.com/writing/just-wood/


 Also tomorrow is saturday…so i will probably be working on the next episode of “Tales of the Mountain Child”


 EDF is also starting their story nominations for the anthology. It’s a darn shame i havent got any stories published to even compete. Oh well lol, i plan to stay with EDF for a few more years…so i daresay i will get my shot again. *cue evil laughter*

Flash Series

Today i began my long planned flash series “Tales Of The Mountain Child”  Its a fun little project that wanted to take up…its a fictional piece…but closer to Norse mythology rather than your Lord of the Rings style fantasy,


  The first story is up…you can click its little button named “The Mountain Child” right there on the left…see it?….there we go.  The last two lines apparently wanted to be noticed…i could see mto fix this problem…so humour them and give them a pat when you read them, they appear to be in dire need of some love.

Real Life Horror and penis’

  Ahh! scary deomestic issues. As much as i would like to write about it in my blog, she probably wouldnt appreciate it…if we confirm anything i will post it however.


  however ive been back to the writing lately and wrote a little skit about a group of soldiers tryingt o stop a penis army from invading via a bridge. It was written for a bit of fun but i find myself growing more and more fond of it. I wish i could find it a home, it might end up here soon however.


 look out for “War of the Wangs”