The Child God

Larna, the bandit’s daughter, rowed her small vessel towards a rocky spire jutting from the turbulent midnight ocean. Churning white froth battered the sides of the outcrop and sailed on out to sea, riding the high rise rolling waves.

  Sea spray drenched the young woman and filled her creaking wooden boat with salty water. Angry clouds threatened to burst into another storm, the horizon flashed with distant flashes of lightning. Looking to the clouds, Larna reminisced about the day two months ago that civilization fell to its knees to Fryst’s minions and the dragon killed Kordan.

  It had taken her this long to find Fryst’s kingdom, a single spire of rock jutting out of the middle of the Ocean. It was rumoured that Fryst struck a deal with a powerful demon to gain ultimate control over every living thing, including humans. In exchange, he had to kill and devour his entire family before the demon.

  The only way the world could be restored would be his death, before long he would begin to control mankind, then it would be all over. She pulled a hood over her soaked and salty hair and make sure her sword still sat safely at her side.

  She docked the boat and began to ascend a winding rocky pathway spiralling up the spire towards the top where Fryst dwelled. She removed her hooded cloaked and let it flutter high into the sky like an eagle set loose.

  She wished this walk would last a lifetime, when she reached the top the fate of the world would be decided. Her life before now was nothing more than stealing money and surviving. Saving the world was a job for a man like Kordan, but he had departed and now she was the only person willing to take up this challenge.

  Beyond the roar of the waves, voices kept playing over an over.


I choose to gift you with life…keep your humanity, don’t throw it away on pointless quests and vendettas. Do not give yourself to your sword, and do not view your life through reflections in blood


  It was humanity she fought for now, if she did not give herself to her sword then she would be giving herself to death.


You can’t be human!”


  Kordan himself told her that, she almost matched his power, and he mistook her for a demon. Though he killed her father, it was on Kordan’s faith that she walked to the battle.

  She reached the top and cast her eyes upon a stone circle, in the centre knelt a boy no older than twelve. His eyes stared through her skin and into her soul, burning into her confidence and fury.

“You’re just a boy” she muttered quietly

“A child in terms of your worthless race. I am immortal, I am beyond you” he said calmly, his face and body unmoving.

  He was just a child, tricked by a demon into destroying his family and acheving power he was not ready for. He was puppet on the strings of a greater evil. She had little time to think, for she could feel his mind creeping into hers.

“You will become yet another plaything” he said, still unmoving.

  Larna battled with her own mind as she struggled against her reluctant limbs to walk towards him.

“Please…Fryst, you can be better than this” she wailed, her left leg being thrown out from under her by the power of the boys mind.

  Every second her mind fell a little more into his control. She drew her sword but then suddenly her arm threw itself outwards and threw the sword from the spire. She was unarmed and helpless to the boys will.

“What made you think you were powerful enough…such ego” the boy muttered, now adopting a harsh frown.

“Kordan…” she aid hoarsly, struggling to keep her own voice from him.

“Kordan?” the boy suddenly burst out in a state of shock.

  His power over her released and he now stood, shock stricken and afraid. She could see that his hands shook as he rose them to his head and shut his eyes tight. She readied herself to break the boys neck, but could not muster the will to hurt him, especially now he was nothing more than a scared young boy.

“Master Veroth…no…why have you done this to me” Fryst sobbed “I don’t want to play this game anymore.”


  The voice played over in her head over and over again, a rememberace of her Father’s Death. She had heard that name spoken while she hid inside the carriage.


I am Kordan, son of Veroth


“No…” she gasped.



I am more human than you will ever be!


  A demon…


  Kordan had no humanity to fight for…he was a demon. But did he even know that himself, Larna questioned everything she knew of the hero. She closed her eyes,consumed in conflict just like Fryst.

  When her eyes opened she found the boy was gone. She heard the splash, but bothered not to look for his broken corpse on the jagged rocks below.


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