Heat and Air Con

  One thing my readers in hot countries may not appreciate is the lack of Air Con. Man we dont really get it in homes here and it has been BOILING!. Still, i went to the gym today for an hour and enjoyed super air condition that made it seem like a cool winters afternoon even after an intense workout….ahhh.

  I also just this moment added a writing section on the site with a sample story, i will add more later.

Every Day Fiction recently changed their top stories system to improve the site, i suggest checking it out for great stories everyday….except mine *cough*

  I may also be doing a V-Log soon…woo.

 Also…Tomorrow is June, and as such…comes a new month of stories at EDF, the table of contents is as follows

July 1 Sarah Black Wood from the River
July 2 Alex Watson Beloaralsk
July 3 Alex Moisi Garden Furniture and the Apocalypse
July 4 DJ Barber The First Fourth
July 5 K.C. Ball The Mixture
July 6 Kevin Shamel To Save the Disco
July 7 Milan Smith A Bad Day Got Better
July 8 Sarah Hilary Post-Apoc Play (in beta)
July 9 Brian Dolton If We Were Briar Roses
July 10 Kim McDougall Touched
July 11 B. Teuscher Rain
July 12 Kathleen Mack One Toke Over
July 13 A.C. Wise The Chupacabra in Love
July 14 David Macpherson Forbidden Planet
July 15 Peter Tupper Sparkers
July 16 Oonah V Joslin Division
July 17 Edward Caputo Gruff
July 18 Venkatesh Vedam Hello
July 19 Allison Sherman Garden of Promises
July 20 Bill Ward Gandolo of the Watchful Eye
July 21 Nicholas Ozment The Only Difference Between Men and Boys…
July 22 Carlos Navarro The Killer Fog
July 23 Nick Logan The Next Move
July 24 Bill West Eternity
July 25 Scott M. Sandridge Sleep Paralysis
July 26 Joanna M. Weston The Train
July 27 Frank Roger Hellish Paradise
July 28 Jonathan Pinnock Cock Up
July 29 Megan Arkenberg The Soucouyant
July 30 Madeline Mora-Summonte A Quarter For Your Thoughts
July 31 Amy Sisson The Lion Tamer’s Sock


An Introduction.

Well basically, I’m an Author from London, my name is Michael Sherlock (M.Sherlock to most) I’m also an avid bass player


 It seems like the authory thing to do these days is to have a blog so yeah, why not…feel free to become a regular reader, just as long as you liek song covers with buggered mics and complaints about the price of cheese.

  Hmm, lets have some links shall we.

http://www.bostonliterarymagazine.com/sum08dribble.html <– this here is my Boston lit piece for summer 2008

http://youtube.com/user/MFSherlock <– here is my youtube account…home of my bass covers.


  Well first post is always hardest i suppose…you know…nothing to actually write about and all, give me time…ohhhh give me time.