Busy as hell, also tagged

Righty Righty. First off, the EP is alomost done…though the release date has been put back to correct and do some more post production, so theres a couple of weeks added there. At least my bass parts are done so i dont have to keep travelling to Croydon. Its sounding awesome so far, i can tell you that.


Right…ive been tagged! by kevman

apparently thats my award. I gotta like add blogs…but i only read a few blogs and the yhave all already been tagged so whatever.

also im gonna answer some questions in one word it seems.

You can only answer in one word:
1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket
2. Where is your significant other? nonexistant
3. Your hair color? dark
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father?kitchen
6. Your favorite thing? bass
7. Your dream last night?nonexistant
8. Your dream/goal? success
9. The room you’re in? living
10. Your hobby? writing
11. Your fear? none
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Astoria
13. Where were you last night? Studio
14. What you’re not? goat
15. One of your wish-list items? Rickenbacker
16. Where you grew up? Dagenham
17. The last thing you did? rub
18. What are you wearing? Headphones
19. Your TV? Big
20. Your pet? cats
21. Your computer? Advent
22. Your mood? calm
23. Missing someone? Kinda
24. Your car? Pretend
25. Something you’re not wearing? Much
26. Favorite store? Londis
27. Your summer? Cold
28. Love someone? nope
29. Your favorite color?
30. When is the last time you laughed? recently
31. Last time you cried? Years

Wheee i can finally use more than one word again.

i have nothing to say

p.s…the image didnt work….got a problem with it…eh?…eh?….that’s what i thought


2 Responses

  1. Oh man!

    I LOVE– “what are you not? goat.”

    That’s hilarious shit, dude.

    Where’s Astoria? And why?

  2. Teh astoria is a big old gigging venue…also a gay bar!

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