Bugger all to blog

havent posted much, havent done much interesting lately.  we turned down that guitarist at his audition…rehearsal after next we audition our singer.









4 Responses

  1. Umm, eh, yeah…publishing like a machine…well…
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a load of updating to do starting Monday 18th – EDF, BwS, Short Humour US…and I just got some more acceptances 🙂

    I used to sing church music, choirs, 3 part unaccompanied harmony with my sisters – not your bag but I had a good contralto and an ear, you know?

    I’m sure you’re doing plenty. I just sit here day in day out…. in middle age ladyville 😉

  2. You didn’t hire him, yet you live.

    You are a wizard or have the strength and fearlessness of mountains.

    Let yourself rest.

    Laziness seems to be going around.
    I just ate some M&M’s from a bowl that my mother in law washed. They taste of soap. My tongue is icky now. I suffer.

  3. I’m doing a fair amount…just nothing i havent talked about already, ive been so busy with my music lately i have barely had the time to write.

    Good to hear thre is music in you miss oonah.

    Kevin…..who eats M&Ms from a bowl?

  4. I was sharing them with my kid. And anyway, I buy the huge three pound bags or whatever they are. If I don’t eat them from a container other than their bag, I won’t stop eating them. And I HAVE to share with the three year old.

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