Good Evening olympia.

Bored at 2 am in the morning…i thought “i wonder what time it is for Mr.Shamel in america land. Turn out that it is 6 pm on a Friday for him as i write this. So good evening kevin. I would like to point out that i am on my weekend first…HA…the petty victory is mine. I wonder if i can add some kind of application to this blog for one of those multi-clocks that show timezones from all over the world. And do clocks for all my main guys and gals. I’ll ask the webmaster mother of mine when she is awake tomorow…today..whatever.

Sunday (tomorrow) we may be auditioning a new guitarist, i just hope im up to scratch with our songs enoug hto ace this jam with only having to improve “Iron Mongers”



  Right im offically bloody tried now and ami is talking about some Pedo guy who wants to know where she lives…quite frankly that bores me. It probably should concern me, but hey its a compliment when all said and done.


 And in light of Kevin’s recent comment….yes…we all know your action figures are awesome *pats head*


4 Responses

  1. how did the audition go? all band members living?

  2. the audition is tomorrow… i will let you know how he did tomorrow lol!

  3. sorry, thought it was already tomorrow there. you DO need one of those clocks.

  4. actually, i didn’t know what day it was again. i suck at that.

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