A bit about the series

i thought i would write a little bit concerning the “Tales Of The Mountain Child” flash series i have here on my blog. I never wrote it with the intention of it being some feat in literary standards…i never even wrote it to be technical at all in the writing.


 It’s like a flash comic book, the words are simple and the dialogue is cheesey. Overall, however, you end up with a story thats easy to follow for lovers of reading or not. i’m not looking to create some object of genius of anything…just a guy whacking things with various large objects, deep down thats whtwe all want to read…at least that what the deep down child who still plays with action figures wants.


 Or the adult who plays with action figures…..

and records it….





  Anyhow this has been my musical break, so i guess its back to work. Look out saturday for the next in the series.


2 Responses

  1. Come on, man! It’s genius and you know it. I did that shit before there was “Robot Chicken”. They prolly copied me.

  2. To reaffirm: WRITING SHOULD BE LIKE PLAY. Don’t ever take it too seriously. On the other hand, writing does get better when it”s been a little finessed. So…

    Play then finesse.

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