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This tuesday im off to London to meet our new singer before we audition him,cool stuff.

   Also today i wrote the next installment of “Tales of the Mountain Child” Things are starting to get interesting now.

  I’ve added two blogs to my blogroll at the right there…see it…right there…little lower…lower…you got it!. One is by Kevin Shamel, great author…great guy, bloody weird guy too, and he loves it. The other is by Gay Degani…all of the above except weird and “guy” i guess. Gay Degan is is probably my favourite author, she inspired me to carry on writing short fiction when i thought i would throw in the towel. She is a fantastic perso nand an inspirational writer, critic, and friend.


  If ever you wanted a weird story though, Shamel is your guy. Im not kidding when i say this guy has done everything. In fact i could bet he has worked as a monkey fingerer for a sex toy testing plant. i willing to BET on it.


3 Responses

  1. I like that “fingering” is one of your tags.

  2. Actually, I like the way the whole line of tags reads. Funny stuff, M.

  3. Got this from Boston Lit Editor – thought you’d like to see it
    Best Oonah

    Oh you and Avis are friends! She’s nice… I refer to the summer issue as The Avis Issue, because she had three pieces there… as you know… I also see an M. Sherlock on your blog… he has submitted several, I believe, but has not found a home here… trust him to keep trying… turning down something that I can tell contains the soul of an earnest and sincere poet is not easy or fun… and I always hope people know it’s all a judgement call…. I rarely feel something is “bad,” it’s usually just not what I connect with… of course a poet has no way of knowing that until they take the plunge and send!


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