On Dreams…

Today i really thought to what im doing, the things im undertaking and the time im spending chasing my dreams. I realised that people spend all their life talking about their dream…they all talk about “i would love to do this…i wish i could do this”

  Truth is…dreams donr often find people, it takes confidence and ambition and willingness to reach for the stars. People play it safe and sit at the jobs they hate because they are too afraid to gamble everything, take a plunge and throw caution to the wind.


 Life isnt about sitting safe and getting through in comfort…its about making the most of our one chance at living. Life is about taking those gambles and aiming for what we want to be. Sure you may end up homelsss and pennyless, but even that should not stop you reaching for that special star you are longing for.


  I am a human…you are a human…we live in a world of humans, where are dreams are forged around humans. What i mean is, sucessful people arent an alien species…they are people like you and me who took that gamble and reached as high as they could.


 So people! Live your life it’s the only one you have! And for gods sake dont grow old and die still wishing on that star!


2 Responses

  1. Right. And don’t wish on stars anyway. Wish on yourself.

    Oh and hey, M. Consider yourself tagged. You can copy those questions from my blog and answer ’em yerself self.

  2. i’ll do that

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