Storm the gates

Well this weekend i go to rehearse with my new band, Storm the gates. they have a decent studio in the musical heart of London and hope to be recording for their EP this september, the sound is tight and its gonna get tighter.


 Cant wait


2 Responses

  1. Just letting you know I’m listening “A thousand waves” right now. I’m not a metal fan but I like this. Do you have a singer yet? Can YOU sing? Do you guys want to add lyrics at some point?

    Can you imagine what great lyrics you could write. Angst. Knife fights. What about something about that bridge from you story. Actually “Storms Ahead” makes me think about that story. Especially the fight part.

    Thanks too for the comp on my writing. You always make me feel terrific about what I do. Hopefully I do the same.

  2. I cant sing but we are trying for a singer soon, i think we are adding some lyrics soon.

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