Bassage and more

Today i finished my induction days…and now i am left to rest on my holiday for another 10 weeks or something.

  However today i decided i wanted to record my bass setup so that when i get a new setup i can compare the two…for a giggle how bout i show it off here for you all to laugh at….be warned, it was an improvised piss about…don’t expect Victor Wooten lol.


2 Responses

  1. Play “Orion”!!! Nice setup. It’ll be cool to watch this when you’re all famousy and the wall behind you is a bank of speakers, or mixers in your own private recording studio.

    I need to take a pic of my broken amp for you. It looks like your Marshall.

    and Roll.

  2. If the wall behind me was speakers…i would have nowhere to store clothes!

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