Well, today was another scorcher…except this time i was wandering about my school having my sixth form induction…. and i have another one tomorrow in which i have to get to a further school for 8:30. I’ve never been to this school so no doubt im gonna be lost as hell….so me and some people are meeting up to get lost together.

  I will also recieve my EMA soon, kick arse….£30 ($60) a week just for going to school….sounds like time for a new bass and laptop….though i gotta start saving for my car and driving lessons for when i turn 17 this year.


  time to post some new stories i think


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  1. M. I have a question. How do I add you to my feed. I am so unclear about how that works. Jordan said he was adding you to his and I’d like to do that too. I’d also like to add a Would you like this feed button to my site but I’m at blogger and I don’t think I can. I doubt you can help but if you know anything let me know.

  2. Find the most incredibly gorgeous girl you can on the your first day, and ask her to be your guide for the day. Oh, wait, girlfriend…. Sorry. Make sure you get a map. Or draw one on your hand. But on the back of your hand because your palms are liable to get sweaty.

  3. Sorry Gay…i do not have the slightest clue…thoug hwhen i get back from gym i will try and research it. And its cool Kevin…i got through it alive, found some nice chicks too.

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