An Introduction.

Well basically, I’m an Author from London, my name is Michael Sherlock (M.Sherlock to most) I’m also an avid bass player


 It seems like the authory thing to do these days is to have a blog so yeah, why not…feel free to become a regular reader, just as long as you liek song covers with buggered mics and complaints about the price of cheese.

  Hmm, lets have some links shall we. <– this here is my Boston lit piece for summer 2008 <– here is my youtube account…home of my bass covers.


  Well first post is always hardest i suppose…you know…nothing to actually write about and all, give me time…ohhhh give me time.

3 Responses

  1. Way to go M!! You’re rocking the world. I’m gonna fly over to your utube thing-y right now and see how you roll.

  2. Woo Hoo! Time is on your side, M. Can’t wait to read about the price of cheese.

  3. The angel stamps on your hand, glad to be rid of another responsibility

    That’s just LOL!

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